Established by Dr.Jagathrakshakan in 1977, Accord group was originally set up to endure as Hindustan Enterprises. Our 39 years of strong consumer-focused approach and relentless quest for world-class quality has made us evolve into a substantial business empire, today. The Accord Group, a 2Billion (USD) Business Corporation, is a unique combination of highly equipped Healthcare centres, affluent 5-Star Hotels, Power Generation units, Multi-Disciplinary institutions, Pharmaceuticals and Neutraceuticals facilities, Liquor manufacturing units and a vernacular daily Newspaper and a Tamil Broadcasting Channel. We also have pipelined a number of other ventures.

Every facet of Accord Groups’ businesses is characterised by professionalism and acute standards of corporate governance. Sustainability is embedded in our organisation’s strategy by developing a long-term affiliation with all our associates; for we believe our organization delivers’ outstanding performance over a long run as everyone’s interests are aligned and everyone’s conduct meets the value, vision and mission.

We inspire greater aspirations! We usher in the future!